IDM | 13&14-8-2016

IDM, The German championship! We were there during the last two days and it was just amazing 🙂 Lots of skilled bikers and teams with giant trucks. I had fun just exploring the paddock and seeing what everyone brought with them.

Anyway, I was able to shoot from a couple new angles / locations and also shot my very first motorbike accident. Not necessarily something to be excited about, but a first time nonetheless. I even shot the start of the second Superbike race on my own! I’m glad there was a warm-up lap for me to practice on because I may have screwed that one up..!

It was also my first time seeing motorbikes completely running on electricity. They were almost completely silent, and I had to actually sit and watch the track to make sure I wouldn’t miss them. Apparently they’re not very popular, but I’m sure my ears didn’t mind the quiet engines!

I would like to congratulate the Dutch guys who won! I’ve seen them a couple times now and it’s pretty cool to actually recognize them when they receive their prize 🙂 Great job!


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