BSB | 30/9 – 1/10/2016

This is easily one of my favorite events I’ve EVER attended. The British Superbikes are wildly popular in England (of course :D) but they attracted a huge audience in The Netherlands as well. I loved every one of these three days.

On the first day we weren’t entirely sure if I was allowed to shoot pictures outside of the paddock (so basically anywhere on the actual racetrack). It made sense though, since there were a total of 3 photographers from our company. Maybe they thought it was a bit much and limited our access? Luckily, it was all a mistake 😀 I got permission to shoot!
It felt amazing standing between what must have been at least 20 other photographers from different countries shooting away with their giant lenses. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

I learned so much during that weekend. Not only did I get to practice on “regular” motorbikes for two full days, but the ACTUAL British Superbikes were much, much more of a challenge to capture. They were lightning fast and I actually couldn’t keep up at times.
Of course I do still have enough pictures to show you guys what it was like 🙂


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