Speedweek | 26,27,28-8-2016

This was a three day event in Oschersleben, Germany. This track is quite big and the heat made everything just a little harder 🙂 It all worked out fine tho! There was staff from the venue driving media shuttles, and they even brought 1L water bottles for photographers to make sure no one would get dehydrated. I deeply appreciate their efforts to make work easier 🙂 These are my day to day posts merged into one :


Never experienced such high temperatures in my life, but this weekend came with a scorching 36 DEGREES CELSIUS! At first I found it quite difficult to concentrate in the heat. After a while you just kind of accept it and move on though 😀
My pictures are still getting a bit better every time. This is the first time I practiced taking pictures from behind, which is much much harder because of their speed. It also didn’t help that all motorbikes looked identical! Still. I’m very happy with the results once again and will keep working and improving 🙂

Still 36 degrees outside! This is the day I practiced shooting motorbikes from behind as you can see. It’s all about speed and looking ahead. I also shot some pictures in the pit lane and even a special way of starting a race. Everyone ran towards their bike and left as quickly as possible. I was sitting very close to the track, along with at least 15 other photographers.
Overall another awesome day with beautiful bikes and nice people 🙂

Last day of an amazing weekend in Germany. I learned so much and met so many new people once again. I’m so thankful I get to do all these things and for all the equipment that’s provided.
Right now I have two weeks “off”, which I’ll use to work on this website a bit more. I will most likely move over to WordPress by november so 😀 I have lots of work to do.


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